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Autism, ADHD & Learning Difficulties

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Our focus - A unique approach

Welcome to Happiness in Health, an holistic medical centre founded by Dr Kelly Francis. The centre focusses on providing a service whereby patients are happy with their health care, and are treated respectfully and in a holistic manner. The unique approach to health care at Happiness in Health incorporates both conventional medicine, the use of naturopathic treatments and a biomedical approach. The treatment is individualised according to each patient, and aims to get to the core of the problems.

Dr Francis specialises in a biomedical approach to mental health disorders, behavioural disorders of children including Attention Deficit Disorder, and Autism Spectrum Disorder. She has extensive training in nutritional medicine, and believes that the food we eat and the health of the gut is imperative to the health of the body. All patients are welcome to visit Happiness in Health, offering a difference in holistic health care.


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